Site Activity - Phase 2

Landscape alterations

Due to the works that had to be conducted onsite, we had to create a perimeter track for use as access around the lagoon. Where possible we used existing material onsite to widen areas around the edge of the lagoon. The North bank was not suitable for this method and required a path to be created at the top of the bank. We also widened and reinforced the causeway (the land platform between the two lagoons) by importing material (crushed concrete) from off site and depositing it on the causeway. In addition, excavators created a level beach area on the southern side to assist with the launching of the geotextile sheet.

Northern Slope stabilisation
When the access route for the northern area was being confirmed, it was identified that the northern slope would benefit from work being undertaken to further strengthen and stabilise it. As a result the northern slope has undergone dramatic change; it has been completely re-profiled and compacted. The slopes of the north bank have also been re-planted.